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soothe the bother, you busy body & FESCH.TV:

Amelia Carlisle is based in Naarm, Melbourne, recently completing her Honours in Fashion Design at RMIT University.  Amelia’s graduating project, “Soothe the bother, you busy body”,  is inspired by sensory support devices that help calm overstimulation and anxiety. 

The project references these objects through movable textures in clothing and accessories that can be used in everyday situations, developing fashion outcomes that participate in mental health care as a form of support, allowing wearers to use the clothing to create a sense of calm and ease through materials and expressions that engage the wearer with techniques that include weighting, tension, and fiddle features.
The project is communicated through a fashion film that emulates the subtleties of feeling uncomfortable in visual worlds of everyday realities, mimicking familiar situations with ambient sound and warm colouring.  

The film focuses on how garments and accessories of this collection are able to be moved, worn and used in these situations and the variety of individual needs. The film aims to communicate the ease in which sensory support can be integrated into a contemporary fashion context, providing comfort through clothing and a more in depth consideration of the user experience.

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