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Scene of Infringement is a student fashion film that records the mental world of stomachache with the protagonist of self.

The film tells the story of the protagonist through different pain into different dreams, each dream represents her own unique emotions or reflects the reality.

Thanks for watching and criticizing the student fashion film.

Model:LuRong Lei,JinCheng Guo
Director:WanTi Yang
Producer:YuFan Wang
Art director:WanTi Yang
Set decorator:WanTi Yang,MingRui Li
Cinematographer:ZhouHuan Yu,ZhiSheng Wang
Gaffer:ZhouHuan Yu,JinCheng Guo,ZhiYuan Jia
Make-up Artist:WanTi Yang,MingRui li
Fashion Designer:WanTi Yang
Editor:WanTi Yang
Colorist:WanTi Yang
Remix by WanTi Yang

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