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Raphael: A Portrait (High School Version) & FESCH.TV:

A captivating film based on rigorous research providing a detailed, unprecedented exploration of the extraordinary life, achievements and legacy of Raphael (1483-1520), one of history’s most prolific and influential artists of the Italian Renaissance.

This comprehensive film offers a compelling narrative with an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful art and intriguing contextual details to give viewers not only a deep sense of Raphael’s extensive oeuvre but also the fascinating period in history he lived in, other major artists that influenced his work, the impact of popes, patrons, wars and more.

The Guardian: “An impressive achievement…lengthy but illuminating study of Renaissance master. A copiously detailed study of the artist’s life and times. Burton isn’t afraid to go into granular detail at any stage of proceedings. He has assimilated a massive amount of information, which he then funnels to us in a cogent and organised fashion.“

“Sheds essential light on one of history’s greatest artists. Meticulously researched while there’s much to enjoy for even the dilettante. Raphael’s decoration of the ceilings of the new Papal residence at the Vatican — with Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel next door — are a thing of splendour.“
Chris knight, Chief Film Critic National Post & Original CIN

“The film is impressive. I appreciate the high level of engagement with classic and current scholarship, which is synthesized very clearly and well. Much like Raphael’s own synthetic practice! I believe a general audience will find it highly informative, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. I’d love for it to be available to my students in the future.“
Kim Butler Wingfield, Associate Professor of Renaissance Art History, American University

“.. an impressive achievement and covers a wide range. The film could be the foundation of a university course on Raphael and had I still been teaching, I would have strongly recommended it to my students.”
Paul Joannides, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, University of Cambridge

“This hugely informative film takes us through Raphael’s short, incredibly productive and influential life, from early days at Urbino to his mature career in Rome. It is beautifully shot, and illuminating both on the painter’s relationships with contemporary artists, his studio, and on his relations with clients. It also sheds light on his work as an architect.“
Jane Stevenson, SRF, Campion Hall, University of Oxford

“I greatly admired and enjoyed this film. The sheer amount of information the film is able to get across with a single narrative voice accompanied by such intensity of illustration is very impressive. I loved it that the film begins with Context – and a brilliant survey it is. The relations between the narration, the pictorial evidence and the running date chart will surely guarantee that no one loses their way.”
Quentin Skinner, Professor of Humanities, QMUL

“A terrific survey of Raphael’s life and works. I appreciate how lucidly Howard Burton has captured Raphael’s innovation and synthesis, and communicated these aspects of the artist’s oeuvre with thoughtful analysis and commentary. The film will make an important resource for students.”
Tracy Cosgriff, Assistant Professor of Art History, The College of Wooster

Film page: ideasroadshow.com/raphael/
Details for libraries & educators: ideasroadshow.com/libraries_raphael/

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