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A flashback on what is to come. Many of these characters birth a next generation to carry on what was thwarted.

„Blowback“ Authored by Christopher Simpson, gives an account of America’s collaboration with Nazis after World War II, and the long-range effect this has had on the nation’s domestic and foreign policy. Christopher Simpson makes connections between high-ranking American officials and ex-Nazis and collaborators. Once you read his book, you would see the Nazi-like energies that have come up for air in 2020 and beyond.

The story will end with it being defeated once again. It may have retreated to take notes, but the outcome will still repeat itself as a result of the birth of resistance descendants are also here ready for the win once again.

What side of history will you be on this time around? For law enforcement officers, Doctors, Scientist and Business owners, „i was following orders“ in 1945 say many still received a guilty verdict. What do you think the outcome will be now?

When you know better you do better and each one of you have heard of the Nuremberg Trails in some fashion.

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