„Nuestro Orgullo,“ Featuring designs by Coral Castillo. Directed by Ashley Rose. – FESCH.TV

„Nuestro Orgullo,“ Featuring designs by Coral Castillo. Directed by Ashley Rose. & FESCH.TV:

Growing up, I absorbed the negative rhetoric my place of birth held against my family’s country of origin. I down played my own sense of worth, and diminished my power. Having never seen brown, beautiful, indigenous faces in high end luxury fashion as a child, I was left feeling exiled out of a world I was so naturally drawn to. As an adult, I have since traveled back to the land of my roots, and have seen the giant murals, and statues that still stand over so many years, telling the story of the resiliency of the Mexican people. The magical ties we have to nature, to seasons, the stars, are all seen in our clothing, jewelry, and music.

Through a meeting orchestrated by fate and the cosmos, I met the incredibly talented, Mexican born, Latina Designer, and „Project Runway,“ runner up, Coral Castillo. Her presence in fashion gave me a revived sense of pride. I saw the warrior spirit I had always long to see in fashion through her designs. Together, the story we wish to tell through motion and this imagery, said in her own words, „[is] more than just [about] clothing; it’s a statement- a testament to the enduring legacy and resilience of its people.“

The fashion seen here is anything but frivolous, it’s powerful, „[and refuses to] fade into obscurity; instead we strive to transform [it.]“ (C.Castillo.) This is the story of a Latin beauty that I wished I could have seen when I was younger. One of a women, emblazoned with traditional Mexican attire, all while honoring the past, and taking steps into the modern future.

In full transparency, I wept soon after seeing playbacks from the monitor on set. I had longed my whole life to see this story be told, and on this day, I had the honor of telling it. „As we carry our traditions forward into the present and future, we do so with pride, knowing that the essence of who we are will never be lost, but will continue to evolve and inspire for generations to come.“ (C.Castillo.)

Ours is a story of a people and culture that in spite of so much pain, and attempts of mass erasure, we are still here, as the products of our ancestors who fought back, and with stood every test, only to thrive.

My hope is that this finds someone, who had the same fears of taking up space, or held any sense of shame of their roots, will see this and remind themselves how worthy they are, allow themselves to heal, release their limiting beliefs, and in turn be filled with pride.

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