Introductions With Ease


Introductions With Ease

A „Five Finger“ Introduction

Thank you for watching this video. 1. Your name, 2. What you do, 3. Why you like doing it, 4. Your name, 5. How may I help you? and or Nice to meet you. WATCH the first time and LISTEN the second time. I made this video for a friend of mine from Brazil, his name is Igor. He is an active channel subscriber, and is having difficulty with making introductions using American English. Please enjoy the video and practice with it. Please provide me with written comments on this video and suggestions for our next topic. Your name, What you do, Why you like doing it, Your name, and How may I help you.

Great tutor! Contact me for the ultimate learning experience. I am a professional tutor focused on American English speaking and listening skills. I am an expert in Career Counseling, Coaching and Public Speaking. I provide career assessment, job search strategy, resume writing and interviewing skills classes and training, English conversation, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and accent reduction and correction, English for work, Business English, job interview preparation, IELTS,TOEIC, TOEFL, CVs, English for presentations, travel English and more. Additionally, I have an extensive background as an Emergency Medical Technician .Develop yourself to the fullest with a lesson from Tutor Jack! Send me a message and let’s get started on your lesson plans today! I would appreciate it if you could include a short introduction of yourself and your needs when contacting me.

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