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Project title: „I’m alive“

Choreographer: Jacques Valenta

Artist: Toni Flego

Playwright: Andrej Mirčev

Set designer: Magdalena Pederin

Costume designers: Lidija Lovrić Bošnjak and Nikola Barbir

Music: Damir Martinović Mrle and Ivanka Mazurkijević

Light: Jacques Valenta and Mario Vnučec

Multimedia: Ira Tomić and John Kardum

Extras in the video: Nina Jelic, Renato Buic, Afrodita Lekaj, Monica Karleusa

Production: TRAFIK and Platforma. Hr

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Rijeka, the Association of Molecules Rijeka, Dance Center K2K Rijeka, PC TALA Zagreb.

Project description:

British artist Michael Clark is synonymous with a radical choreographic practice in which classical ballet, Leigh Bowery’s eccentric fashion and the anarchic post-punk sound of the band The Fall are acquired. Rebellious against conventions and hierarchies, his work in the 1980s anticipates aesthetic practices that still form the backbone of contemporary dance today. Primarily, it is about exposing hetero-normative gender roles that will result in fluid embodiments whose constitutions are unstable and socially subversive. Starting from the premise that the syntax of the dance body is formed under the influences that are (un) consciously taken over by other authors (in this case Clark), the solo „I’m Alive“ explores the processes of transformation and translation of choreographic models into new performance constellations. Visually intriguing costumes and scenography combined with the soundscape of electro-punk create a multimedia framework in which the body breaks through different dance styles and narratives, made up of biographical layers, fiction and autopoetic obsessions. As a kind of portrait-through-another, Tony Flege’s performance, however, does not exhaust itself in repeating or imitating Clark’s vocabulary, but insists on exposing its own weaknesses, thus exposing the economic and ideological conditions of dance on the periphery of the EU. In the wake of Trafik’s performances that revolved around a similar position of a fragile subject (J.P. Kamov and Ö. Von Horvath) faced with social disintegration and transitions, the thematization of bare survival is in the foreground. Uncompromising artistic experiment and collaborative models of work in collision with the subjectivization matrices created by the Rijeka new-wave scene during Yugoslavia are a conceptual trajectory in which „I´m alive“ is articulated as an intertwining of dance quotes and authentic expressive gestures. In other words, the reinterpretation of Clark’s choreographic logos is the starting point for a reflection on the persistence of the naked body on stage, the possibilities and limits of its rebellion: what is our resistance, what do we rebel against, and what are our achievements?

Andrey Mirchev

Contact: trafikanti1998@gmail.com

Mob 00385958025801

Reservations required at: ines@tala.hr

Design of program materials: Hrvoje Jelinčić

Photos: Ira Tomić and John Kardum

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