David Yurman “Magical Menagerie”


In the Spring of 2021, with vaccines on the horizon, the team at David Yurman approached us with an excellent problem to solve: How do we create a film which celebrates Central Park and symbolizes a sort of awakening of the city after it’s solemn slumber through the pandemic?

Our solution was to create a world filled with atmospheric warmth and softness, a place which is inviting and magical, the feeling of hugging family and friends after so much time had passed.

Inspired by the painterly works of James Whistler, the entire film is clocked in a thick winter air with only the brightest lights peaking through from distant clusters of people inside their homes and spaces. A guiding light fallen from the cosmos, a David Yurman Starburst charm, which is a nod to our last year’s DY film, leads us through the park to find our stone creatues. When they wake, our animals are ethereal and soft, glowing as we travel through the park.

This film was produced with my amazing friends at The Artery and the in house marketing team at David Yurman.


Director/Designer/Concept Artist – Lauren Indovina
Producer – Emily Branham
CG Lighting/Rendering + Comp – Lorne Kwechansky
CG Modelling & Animation – Joe Grundfast
CG Lead – Dave Stewart
CG Particles / VFX – Mike Huang
Houdini – Particle Sims & Environments – Noemi Milan
Matte Painting – Edward Grad, Lauren Indovina
Editor – Michael Elliott
Previz / Modeling – Colin Senner
Stills Reference Photography – Adam Carboni
Storyboards – Ben Chan
Nuke Comp – Manu Gaulot
Nuke/Flame Conform – Jeff Soo
Flame Conform/Compositor – Aarif Attarwala
Flame Compositor – John Budion
Flame Compositor – John Shafto
Original Music and Mix – Amber Music
Executive Producer – Deborah Sullivan
Founder/Chief Creative Officer – Vico Sharabani

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