Audio book – Afrofuturism theater called Tales from the Dark Cosmos comes: The legend of Buffalostar


From the ANT Network audio book series of indie Afrofuturism theater called Tales from the Cosmos comes: The legend of Buffalostar SEASON 1 EPISODE 1
History speaks of men who have earned the rights to be called heroes. later they are known in time to become a legend, it is also true in the thirty first century where greed and corruption still haunt men like a plague, it is stalking them for their very survival and peace. Forcing them to travel into earth’s past looking for some heroes. They are taking this action to supply some needed human subjects for a secret project called Triborg. with the hopes that it will change their fate from earth’s distant pass. They choose a buffalo soldier and, a Tuskegee air man. who are then brought forward in time, only to have their souls blended with their present-day hero, finally, they are all fused into one cyborg body resulting with one being comprising of three souls who are locked into the shell of a body. he is now, part human and part cyborg, and is locked and loaded for action. the enemy will never know what is coming their way! because he turns out to be meaner than the devil, with a bite, nastier than a rattle snake. If they had a plague before, then he is the vaccine. From the writings of: Christopher C. Miller based on an original story from, Wendell M King, comes the nail-biting book novel series science fiction epic. of the legend, for his name is well known in the thirty first century as Buffalo star, and this, is his story.
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