ANIMIND at METAXIS SPACE, Planetarium №1, St. Petersburg, Russia


ANIMIND is an audio-visual work created specifically for SPACE METAXIS media festival at Planetarium.1 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Organized by the media lab OPUS111 together with the Sky University.

Founder, curator, and art director Anastasia Skabölkina

ANIMIND tells a story about the connection in life inspired by the Animistic beliefs, in which all existing life, place and objects possess a spirit. The visual and audio are inspired by water, plants, minerals, microscopic scale life elements, and tribal life, creating a timeless experience. Abstract masks infused in the story are an aspect that plays an essential role in Animism, looking right back through the black eye hole directly at the viewer. ANIMIND invites the viewers to travel beyond time and space, a journey of melting and vaporized feeling being part of nature.

Visuals by NAOWAO ()

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